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Getting My Yukata On

It's the first weekend of the schools' summer holidays which means summer festivals and Yukatas!




In Japan, it is traditional to wear Yukatas for summer festivals where it's all about streetfood, traditional dances and of course, はなび (hanabi or fireworks). They are casual-type kimonos made of cotton and synthetic fiber and are normally made of up of the Yukata itself, the obi (the belt) and the げた (geta or wooden clogs).


I ordered mine from Amazon and it just arrived!



I got a dark blue one with tiny yellow vines. I later found out that younger women are supposed to wear bright, flowery yukatas while the more mature women tend to wear the more muted colors. I guess I got mine right then *wink.



I was too excited to open and unbox it that I didn't really pay attention to how I looked (no shower, haven't brushed teeth lol) so I'm not posting a pic of myself wearing it so as not to scare you guys.


Here's a picture of a pretty Japanese girl wearing the Yukata design that I ordered though:









Finally wore the Yukata to our summer festival event.  Unfortunately, I already changed from the geta to my sandals when the picture was taken. It's really not easy to walk around in them if you're not used to it! I wish I was as thin as the model but I think I rocked it too right?! 




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