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Putting the "C" in Convenience Stores



I love cooking - but I'm such a procrastinating lazy bum that most of the time, there's always no time to prepare food for lunch or even dinner.


Luckily, I live five minutes away from my workplace and between that and my flat is a convenience store.



Now as any convenience stores, you have the basic necessities plus some food like sandwiches and donuts. But what makes Japanese convenience stores more unique though are their pre-packed meals that they could heat up for you on the spot. And I'm not talking about just frozen tv dinners - I'm talking about full meals that sometimes taste better than restaurants.


Here are more some stuff the I love buying from them other than the Japanese obento (or bento as the world knows it) posted at the beginning of this blog:


Burger steak with potato wedges.


Breadcrumb-coated chicken pieces with some sweat soya sauce on top of rice (this is my absolute fave!)


Tomato pasta with a burger patty steak and potato wedges (yes, they love carbs on carbs).



There are a lot of other stuff that you can get too like おにぎり(onigiri) - rice balls with various fillings such as tuna, chicken teriyaki, etc (¥100 or 90 cents), salads, noodles and of course cakes and pastries (this deserves a separate post because of the sheer variety they have available).


What's even better is that these convenience stores restock their shelves as often as twice a day so you can be assured that the food they have are always fresh.




Besides purchasing necessities, you can also pay your bills, have packages (like from Amazon) delivered there for you to pickup, buy tickets to Universal Studios or bus tickets, use Western Union, buy prepaid visa cards and other gift cards like iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc and scan/print/copy documents and tons more!


Now that's what I can convenient, eh?



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