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Capsule Hotels - 5 Things I Discovered

I've been intrigued by capsule hotels ever since I've heard of them so I decided this is one item to add on my bucket list that has a higher chance of being ticked off (compared to say, "earning a million by the time I'm 40" lol).


Last month, I had to go to Osaka for an overnight trip and I decided this was finally my chance to try staying in one. There were quite a few choices but I went for Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori because of the location and its reviews. It's right in the famous Dotonbori Street (Hello Glico Running Man!) and about 5 minutes away from Namba Station.


Below is a run down of the 5 things I discovered in my first capsule hotel experience:



1. It's very clean


I've always thought of it as something like a hostel - one huge room with bunkbeds but I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and well-organized the place is. It's safe to say that it's even cleaner than a lot of budget hotels that I've been to!



2. The capsules are spacious


I'm a wee bit claustrophobic so this was the part I was most hesitant of. I am happy to say that the capsules are quite roomy with twin-sized (called double in some countries) beds. Each capsule also comes with a retractable TV, a ventilation system, a normal plug, a USB port, a USB cable with different attachments for different ports for charging your gadgets, a light switch with a dimming feature and an alarm (no sound, it makes your lights go on an off).


3. They have awesome bathroom & shower amenities


Each floor comes with its own bathroom equipped with several toilets and shower rooms to share.


On one side of the bathroom is my favourite: the "powder room" area with individual sinks, hairdryers and unlimited toiletries (by brands like Shisheido and Esthe Royer) to use. There's also a corner with a laptop and printer provided for guests in case you need to print some last-minute tickets and itineraries.




4. You don't have to worry about where to put your stuff


When you enter the main area past the lobby, you are required to use an electronic key to enter. You have to take your shoes off and keep them in the shoe lockers (each locker comes with slippers for you to use). Past the shoe lockers is another room where the main lockers are with your own key. The hotel also offers secured free luggage storage at the lobby.


5. Last but definitely not the least, it is UNBELIEVABLY affordable!


Considering all the amenities they provide (free wifi, a "beauty kit" welcome pack, a complimentary bottled water, towels and nightwear to use, a toothbrush and bath products), I only had to pay ¥2,480 or about $22.


Please take note that I booked the room about two weeks before my travel date. As with any hotels, the price will slightly be higher if you book closer to the date so if you're not taking a last-minute trip to Osaka, be sure to book it as soon as you can!




Some of the photos are taken from the hotel's Agoda page because of my shots were too dark and did not do justice to the room ;)

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