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Budget Buys: Fake Flowers

My bestfriend is Daiso. Even back in Singapore, I would go there as much as three times a week to see what stuff I can buy. Daiso is a ¥100 shop where mostly everything costs well, a ¥100 (¥108 including tax).


There are several ¥100 yen shops here in Japan but in my opinion, Daiso has more variety and if you want bigger and better-quality materials, they have options for prices that range from ¥150-¥500. 




Now I looooove love flowers and I have tried buying a real potted, blue hydrangea (that I named Sheila) but she unfortunately died because I forgot to water her sometimes. Yes, I know, I'm a terrible human being.



I needed to get something to replace my now-dead Sheila plant for my toilet room (The shower and bath is a separate room, a typical Japanese home design) and I was originally looking for a brown flower pot. I found this actual plastic watering can instead and I thought it would be cuter.


For the flowers, I bought two 'bundles" of gerbera daisies and two leafy plants as fillers.



And tadaaa! I have my budget-friendly but unique piece that only cost me ¥500 (about 220 pesos). 


This is no Sheila but hey, at least I won't have to worry about watering them this time! lol



Budget breakdown:

1 Watering Can - ¥108

2 3-pc Bundles of Daisies - ¥216

2 Green Fillers - ¥216

TOTAL: ¥530




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