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The Countryside

Living in one of Japan's countrysides (although it has the word "city" in its name) has quite a few perks: cheaper rent, cheaper food, a more relaxed environment and my favourite part - awesome views of nature.




I live in Anan, a small city in Tokushima Prefecture. It's about a two-hour+ bus trip to Osaka and or an hour's worth of plane ride to Tokyo.



Most of the people I know wonder why I accepted this job which put me in a place far from the big cities but having lived in Singapore for the past half a decade, Anan was quite a welcome change of pace for me.


I’m not saying that it's not nice to be living in the big cities like Tokyo but as a personal choice, I am much happier and content in this small city. The best part? I can still go to these huge metropolitans on weekends and holidays AND have the option to come home and relax in my quiet little corner of Japan.


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