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Keep Calm and Curry On

Oh that wonderful wonderful feeling of discovering an awesome food place just a few buildings down the road!


I've always been a fan of Indian curry and having lived in Singapore for quite some time, I had no trouble getting them anytime I wanted.  When I came to Japan however, it wasn't that easy anymore especially since I'm staying in a town-city.


Don't get me wrong, I like Japanese curry. But there's just something sooo delectable in the different Indian curries that I can't help but crave for it quite often!


So it was to my extreme delight that I discovered this tiny shop that sells authentic Indian curries just down the road fro my flat.


The restaurant only has five tables that sits 4-5 persons and all of them were occupied when I got in. There were also a lot of people going in and out for takeaways. And who wouldn't? The prices are affordable and by the looks of the people already eating there - they serve amazing food too.



Again, being the big eater that I am, I had to sample their versions of all my faves: garlic naan, butter chicken, turmeric rice and of course, tikka masala.

Also, what meal would be complete without ice cold beer to wash it all down?





When you order a set (curry + side), the sides - naan or rice - are unlimited! That means you get to stuff your face with as much carbs as you can. I paid ¥3000 or around $25 and I was only able to finish about half of the food I ordered which is not unexpected since their servings are quite big. 


I was able to take home the rest of the curry home and was given another fresh naan. 


I have an oven so I'll be having these babies for lunch tomorrow lol.


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